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Quality Policy - General

The Bozzi S.p.A. Management, following the analysis of the context and expectations of interested parties, adopts the following Quality Policy.


Thanks to our work, our skills and our experience we want to fully satisfy the demands of our Customers, thus creating value for the company, its employees and the community.


Always be guided by the research of excellence to become a reference point for our Customers in terms of reliability for the quality of the delivered products and the respect of delivery times. Being considered the ideal partner for the success of our Customers.


The company mission of Bozzi S.p.A. is to adopt a Quality Policy which, through constant attention to the professionalism of human resources and to the efficiency and effectiveness of technical and organizational processes, sets itself up as a guarantee instrument for the production of profits, for the continuous improvement of its performance and of Customer satisfaction.

For this purpose, it is essential to make the business competitive and technologically advanced in order to deal with the internal and external markets, increasing knowledge of each employee and thus ensuring continuity of work.

The orientation to the continuous improvement of its activities, crucial to the achievement of the company mission, is supported by: the systemic approach to the management of business processes, the leadership of each company's organizational level to ensure unity of purpose and orientations, the participatory spirit that characterizes all employees, the respect and the appreciation of the social context in which Bozzi S.p.A. is inserted.

So the predominant purpose of the Administrators Maurizio and Stefano Bozzi is to make Bozzi S.p.A. a reference company in the surroundings and beyond.

Bozzi S.p.A. policy is to pursue with determination, in the short and long term, the following objectives:

  • Excellence in the quality of products / services.
  • Guarantee of satisfaction of the explicit and implicit needs of the Customer and mandatory ones.
  • Guarantee the company's success, of its employees and of all other involved.

The company's commitment in pursuing these objectives is defined by planning, implementation, verification and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System in accordance with EN 9001 and 9100 law, described in the Quality Manual.

The company's Quality Management System is based on the following basic principles:

  • Customers Orientation:
    To understand their current and future needs, meet their requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations.
  • Widespread Leadership:
    To ensure unity of purpose, directions and able to implicate the full involvement of staff in the pursuit of company's objectives.
  • Involvement of the Staff: who is the core of the company, since living daily contact with the Customer and makes a commitment for the quality in concrete daily actions to achieve it.
  • Process-based Approach:
    To achieve more efficiently the expected results.
  • Systemic Management Approach:
    To identify, understand and manage the system of the company's processes that are interconnected with each other to achieve established goals and to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the company.
  • Continuous improvement:
    Which is a permanent objective of the company.
  • Decisions based on facts:
    Because effective decisions are based on the logical and intuitive analysis of data and real informations.
  • Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Business Partners:
    Because a such relationship improves mutual ability to create worth.

These basic principles help to improve internal potential of the Company which gets a great benefit also from the involvement, motivation and awareness of all people so that each of them will behave in a dual role of Customer and Supplier:

  • As Customer, in demanding the level of quality from who does the work regardless his position:
  • As Supplier, ensuring the highest level of quality in the product / service of his work, suggesting improvements and committing to do it correctly to avoid rework.


Bozzi S.p.A. assumes the responsibility of disseminating and supporting, with the resources and appropriate means, the Quality Policy clarifying and assigning to each employee specific responsibility for its implementation.

Livorno, April 18th, 2017

The Management, as the role of the Administrators:

Chairman of the Management Board  CEO
Maurizio Bozzi  Stefano Bozzi