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About us

The history of Bozzi Company started in 1961, when founder Ilvo Bozzi understands that the market for precision mechanics, in future years, could have had a period of great expansion and development and brought benefits to their own situation and to the community in which he would have to operate.

Bozzi Company at its beginningIn a short time the company grew and at the end of the 60s already gave employment to 10 people.
The strong entrepreneurial mindset and desire to improve pushes Ilvo, in 1970, moving to a new warehouse, where to optimize production capacity and accommodate new machinery.
The second half of the 70s recorded a time of crisis for the non-arrival of orders from major customers. The difficult moment brings to revise their way of working and to once again have a hunch innovative for that period: focus on the quality of the workmanship and the absolute precision.
Bozzi Company in '70In 1976, the two sons still in their teens, Maurizio and Stefano, became part of the corporate organization. The two boys, immediately, bring an important contribution to the company and will be the protagonists of future success.
The company began a new era that will not only save itself from the crisis, but will create the conditions for access to a new world still largely unexplored. In the near future they began to reap the benefits of the new strategy, with the arrival of the first orders in the sector of defense and air force.
This courageous policy, however, has always been involved, year after year, sacrifices and continuous investments in which the leadership has never withdrawn, which culminated in 1979 with the purchase of the first numerical control machines and the use of the first systems processing with software.
Since then, the work of development did not pause and everything is evidenced by the continued implementation of its resources and the acquisition of advanced technologies.
Another turning point for the company came in 1996. Taken the name of "Bozzi and Figli Srl" in honor of the founding father, the company gets, as first in Leghorn and among the first in Tuscany, the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9002 - Ed. 1994.
The growth continues ... Maurizio and Stefano, driven by a continuous development of instinct and desire for competition, decide that it's time to change further headquarter.
Design and build between the '97 and '98 a new elegant and functional structure which is spread over an area of ​​more than 6000 square meters.

A wide shot of Bozzi Company
Bozzi Company nowadays

With the transfer, the Company acquires a new image and transforms its organization into departments, each with its own head inside in order to organize and focus the best processes and their management flows, according to their quality procedures and Customer requests.
Continuous innovation, corporate policies, and especially the trained human resources in the time allowed, as always, the opening of new horizons and develop the right will in facing new challenges, more and more difficult and demanding.
Over time, the Bozzi Company has been transformed into a joint stock company with the name Bozzi SpA with headquarters today in:

Via Provinciale Pisa, 548 a / b / c - 57121 Leghorn (Italy)

It is specializedin the field of numerical control precision machining for military and civilian use, especially in the following areas:

  • military;
  • naval;
  • naval civil
  • aerospace;
  • electromechanical;
  • chemical;
  • composed machines​​;
  • glassmaking;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • motorsport;
  • robotics.

The company executes each type of processing (removal of chips, cold and / or hot plastic deformation) for the realization of mechanical design in which cam levers, joints, boxes for electronic components, control panels, sinks, etc.. , on any type of material, from plastics, steel and not alloy, special alloys, aluminum alloys, titanium, super alloys, etc..
It is also able to perform, on the products realized, the various surface treatments which are from time to time required by the customer such as: phosphating, zinc plating, gold plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, passivation for stainless steel, anodizing, painting, etc..
These outsourcing activities are conducted under the full responsibility of the Company.
The products are checked following the procedures and methods described in the section of supply, which governs types and extensions.
For this purpose, qualified companies are used with processes and procedures qualified according to the technical specification for purchase.
Since 1999 Bozzi Company is able to carry out tests with the help of high-precision measuring machines located in special air-conditioned rooms.